Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Step by step

Discovering water standing in your home or business is an unforgettable, foreboding experience. While nobody ever wants to subject their life to this crisis, Th... READ MORE

Water can travel far

Water from a slow, undiscovered leak, or from a sudden gushing source can find its way to far areas in your home or business quickly. Often, when the water has ... READ MORE

Wood flooring warped by water

Water damage in your home or office can come from many sources, a frozen pipe, broken valve or hose in an ice maker, washing machine, dish washer, toilet supply... READ MORE

Suck it up

A water heater is supposed to sit quietly in its closet and just do its job, enabling you to wash, clean and bathe with an ample supply of warm or hot water. Mo... READ MORE

Contamination from sewage back up

A sewage back up is never a welcome discovery in your home or business. This homeowner's residence experienced a sewage back up resulting in extensive contamina... READ MORE

When the ceiling falls

You do not expect a pipe in the attic to burst. You do not expect to come home to chaos. But when it happened in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, this wise homeowner imm... READ MORE

Hot Water Tank Failed in Tulsa, OK

Unfortunately, while the resident was away, the hot water tank failed. It was only a small leak, but when it was finally discovered, the water level was up to 1... READ MORE

Wall containment

Upstairs water leak in retirement apartment complex