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Returning Mold Signifies a Recurring Problem

7/21/2021 (Permalink)

Black mold Mold is practically everywhere.

Returning Mold Indicates a Recurrent Issue

If you have recently cleaned off mold in an area of your Broken Arrow, OK, building and noticed that the organism later came back to the same spot, there is an underlying problem. Mold growth is likely thriving off water damage you may not notice or from not being thoroughly cleaned. With these four remedies, you can reduce the chance of mold coming back to that location.

1. Use a Special Mold Cleaner

Most industrial cleaners are not tailored for mold cleanup. Bleach can be used, but it may not be extensive enough. Special cleaners can be sprayed in an area without much risk of discoloring or damage to the building, unlike bleach. Coating an area in the cleaner kills the localized mold to stop it from reproducing and coming back to a certain spot.

2. Reduce Humidity in the Area

High humidity in an area can contribute to mold’s resurgence. It may be worth investing in a dehumidifier or adjusting the ventilation to make a less ideal environment for the mold to reproduce.

3. Treat Any Water Damage

On top of posing potential damage to your property, water damage can lead to mold repeatedly finding a home in an unnaturally wet spot. A water and mold damage treatment company can remove the mold’s desired moisture from the room to stop it from thriving. With the building sterilized and cleaned, the problematic mold growth should no longer have a survivable location.

4. Throw Out or Professionally Clean Any Potentially Infected Items

Some furniture and fabrics may serve as hosts for mold. Without extensive professional cleaning, these typically wooden items will spread spores that cause more mold infestation. If the items cannot be cleaned, they should be thrown out while being kept away from the building to prevent additional contamination.

More often than not when dealing with problematic spots, there is something in the area that continues to spread the mold growth. Identifying which it is and taking appropriate action will keep the repeatedly affected spot and the rest of your commercial property mold-free.

3 Safe Alternatives To Traditional Candles

7/20/2021 (Permalink)

Scented wax warmer Candles can be pleasant to look at, but they also present a risk of fire to your home.

Safe Alternatives To Traditional Candles

Traditional candles can make your Oneta, OK home look beautiful and add a touch of elegance to any room. However, they also come with a high risk of fire danger. If you love candles but worry about them causing a fire, there are several candle alternatives you can use to retain their scent and stylish appearance while keeping your home and family safe.

1. Wax Melts

Wax melts come in a huge variety of scents and colors so you can collect them to melt for almost any mood or season. They are also inexpensive, which means you can splurge on your favorites. These cubes melt in an electric ceramic warmer that uses a light bulb for its heat source. The warmer and the flameless heat source lowers the risk of fire considerably.

2. Electric Candles

If a fire damage and restoration company has deemed your home at risk for candle fires, you might want to consider buying electric candles instead of traditional ones. These battery-powered candles mimic the light and pleasing flicker of flame, but they stay cool to the touch. This makes them one of the safest candle alternatives available today.

3. Oil Warmers

If you enjoy the scent of candles but not the risk of a candle fire, then you might want to invest in a few oil warmers for your home. These warmers run on electricity and can be plugged in almost anywhere. There are dozens of different scented oils available, and many of them can now be found in large retail and grocery stores. Although the heat source of the warmer makes the oil give off a pleasant fragrance, the risk of fire is low because there is no open flame.

Candles can be pleasant to look at, but they also present a risk of fire to your Oneta, OK home. Using candle alternatives can lower this risk considerably while making your house look and smell beautiful.

Is Water Leaking From a Light Fixture a Really Bad Sign?

7/8/2021 (Permalink)

water coming out a light fixture Water coming out a light fixture isn't a good sign.

Is Water Leaking Into A Light Fixture Dangerous?

You have seen a lot of crazy stuff happen in your Broken Arrow, OK, home. When you have owned a property for long enough, you gain experience with almost every type of disaster. From broken windows to clogged gutters, you know how to take care of everything. Or at least that's what you think until you notice water in a light fixture. This unexpected occurrence may leave you scratching your head and wondering what to do next.

Don't Tackle the Issue on Your Own

Water and electricity rarely make a welcome match. If there is water leaking from your ceiling lights, you do not want to try to drain the water on your own. Water, especially water that has any contaminants in it, is a great conductor of electricity. Water coming from your ceiling is likely contaminated.

  • Could come from a pipe carrying dirty water.
  • Could be rain water from a leaky roof.
  • Could pick up contaminants as it makes its way through the building materials.

This means it could give you a shock if you try to start the cleanup process for ceiling damage on your own. No one should go near the fixture until the electricity to your home has been turned off.

Find the Source

Did the water in light come from a broken pipe or a malfunctioning roofing system? A residential water damage cleanup professional can help you find the source of the flooding. Often these types of issues are hard to find until the water has made it into the living space of your home. A leaking pipe, for example, can fester behind walls or in your attic until the water gains enough force to seep through walls and ceilings.

Chances are water in a light isn't a good sign. Whether you have a small leak or a big one, you need to address the problem as soon as possible to ensure everyone in your home stays safe.

Trash or Keep? What to Toss After a Fire

7/8/2021 (Permalink)

cosmetics as a contouring and shading cream melted by hot weather background Makeup in not good conditions.

What to Toss After a Fire

After a fire, there are some items you may be able to salvage and restore. However, there are other items that you should throw away. If you’re not sure what is worth keeping and what you should get rid of in Oneta, OK, check out these three suggestions:

1. Makeup. After spending hundreds of dollars on the best foundations, concealers, and eyeshadow palettes, no one wants to trash some of their most valuable makeup. Unfortunately, the makeup you’d normally wear may no longer be in such good condition due to the high flame heat. Some of these products may have melted and are no longer usable at all.

2. Medication. If your medicine cabinet was slightly destroyed by the fire and smoke in the home, throw away the medication and talk to your physician about getting refills. Most physicians are understanding about situations like this because it’s not safe to take medication that has been exposed to such heat in the first place.

3. Food. If food smells like smoke and there is soot on it, toss it in the trash. You may not like the idea of wasting food you’ve purchased, but it’s simply not safe to eat any contaminated food due to the chemicals commonly used to put out fires. You never know if those chemicals are on certain products, such as your bread, crackers, and even your box of cereal, so don’t take any risks.

Some of your belongings may have been salvaged despite the fire damage in your home in Oneta, OK, but there are certain items that should get tossed in the trash. If you have makeup, medicine, or even some food left in your home, you should be prepared to throw away most of it. The combination of the fire and the chemicals commonly used to put it out could easily damage these items and make them unsafe for you to use on your body or to put in your mouth.

Prevent Your Whole Roof From Blowing Away

7/8/2021 (Permalink)

Missing shingles on a roof When your shingles blow away, the layers of your roofing system can quickly become a risk.

Prevent Roof Damage

Act fast if you have a roof leak from windblown missing shingles. Roof problems are no joke, and even a tiny roof leak can expand a lot more quickly than you might expect.

Layers of Protection
When your shingles blow away, the layers of your roofing system can quickly become a risk rather than a protection. A damaged roof lets water in through the hole, potentially soaking into your lower layers. There are three main protective components in your roof:

  • Shingles
  • Underlayment
  • Water shield

You could see extensive damage if the shingles ripped these layers away. This is why you should call a storm repair company for an estimate and initial mitigation as soon as you notice a problem — even if you don't expect to do a full recovery job immediately.

How Roof Repair Starts
When it comes to a roof leak, initial mitigation steps often involve covering up the hole with impermeable materials. You're probably familiar with the sight of blue tarps on roofs in New Tulsa, OK, after a heavy storm. If you think they're the same tarps you find at the hardware store, you're not too far off the mark. However, good roof repair companies rarely use bargain-basement options, and there's a lot more work that goes into placing the roof coverings.

Making a New Roof
Applying tarps is similar to building a new roof, only it takes a tiny fraction of the time and effort. Additionally, the effects are usually only reliable for a few days. More specifically, members of repair crews have to consider all of the same drainage and coverage properties when building temporary covers as they would if they were constructing a new roof.
Apart from quick action and careful consideration of roofing principles, the initial steps to fixing a roof leak might involve using plywood sheeting or lumber frames. It all depends on your repair schedule, the weather and the company you choose to handle your recovery project.

How To Clean Mold From Your Belongings

6/10/2021 (Permalink)

Black mold growth on wall Mold damage in Broken Arrow, OK.

Mold Cleaning

Water damage from a flood or other type of water intrusion in your Broken Arrow, OK, home can cause more harm than that of the water itself. Mold can begin growing, quickly resulting in mold damage. This means that simply drying out your home and belongings won't be enough. You must get rid of all of the mold as quickly as possible. Each type of material has its specific mold cleaning requirements.

1. Non-Porous Materials
Some of the easiest materials to clean are non-porous since these surfaces can't soak up water. You can use water and antibacterial cleaners to scrub the mold away. Drying them is also simple.

2. Porous Materials
Porous materials come in many different forms, such as clothing, stuffed toys, upholstered furniture, wooden flooring, even drywall. You can clean some of these items in a washing machine. An Esporta machine is beneficial for cleaning many types of objects by removing bacteria and contaminants. Materials that are too big or too delicate for a washer can typically be dry cleaned.

3. Documents and Photographs
Paper products such as books, artwork, important documents and photographs can be severely damaged by water and mold. Unfortunately, it probably won't be possible to restore them to their preloss condition. However, professionals can usually limit additional damage during the water and mold cleaning process. Everyone must take extreme care of these items until they can be restored professionally. Mold remediation experts have several methods of restoring documents, such as air drying, dehumidification, freezer drying, vacuum freeze-drying and vacuum thermal drying.

4. Electronics
Never plug in, power on or try to use electronics that you suspect have been exposed to moisture. Have an electrician inspect them. A professional must clean the electronics of mold and other debris and thoroughly dry their outer casings and their various components.
When you discover mold damage in your home, the key to salvaging the structure and its contents is to begin thorough mold cleaning immediately. Then, it's crucial to dry everything as quickly as possible to avoid mold's return.

How Can the Cloud Help Prepare Your Business for Flood Damage?

5/7/2021 (Permalink)

Flooded parking lot, cars parked in a flooded parking lot. Flooding doesn’t have to be the end of your company.

When your business in New Tulsa, OK, is impacted by flooding, you can literally lose your entire investment in a single day. Floodwater gets everywhere, squeezing into tiny cracks and soaking through the drywall. However, if you have good commercial insurance coverage and a flood policy, your business will probably survive.
One factor often forgotten is the devastation to paperwork that a flood can cause. While an experienced documentation restoration expert can recover some information, in many cases, it’s lost forever – and this alone has closed businesses. Fortunately, new technology has created novel strategies to prevent this loss.

How Are Businesses Impacted By Floods?

A flood creates a wide range of damage, including

  • Structural
  • Decorative
  • Foundational
  • Paperwork
  • Electrical
  • Carpet
  • Furniture
  • Appliances
  • Mold

flood damage also often includes raw sewage and is called black water, which leaves a disgusting residue that coats everything it touches. Restoration technicians can repair or replace all of this damage – except for some paperwork. They do have advanced recovery methods, including freeze-drying, that restores every piece of paper possible. However, some may be lost.

How Can Your Business Prepare for a Flood?
Fortunately, there are time-tested methods to get ready for flooding. This includes creating an Emergency READY Profile and getting a no-cost analysis of your facilities by your restoration expert. They’ll help you create a READY profile and organize your information that you’ll need in case of a disaster.

How Can the Cloud Help?
Once your ERP is created, all the information is uploaded to secure servers and duplicated in several places. With a simple, free phone app, you can access all the critical information no matter where you are. It includes a guide to help you get back in business quickly, has all the names and contact information for all key personnel and key info about your building.
The cloud makes this all available anywhere you have internet access. It also identifies the chain of command necessary to begin the job of flood cleanup as well as how to contact the cleanup experts.
Flooding doesn’t have to be the end of your company. With a little forethought and a secure cloud account, you can survive most disasters quite handily.

Having a Plan in Place

5/7/2021 (Permalink)

Water bottles, blanket, first aid kit, medicine Safety Kid

As a girl from North Carolina, I did not have very much knowledge of tornadoes.  The only reference I could make was towards the Wizard of Oz. Last summer was my first experience really experiencing tornado season.  And the downside to that was having a husband away for work and being home alone with a two-year-old and a newborn. After the first few sirens I got the hang of rounding everyone up in the bathroom, making sure the newborn was in her carseat, and that the radio was on at the correct station.  Now I have a plan set in place for when tornado season comes around. And having supplies ready in a place that is easily accessible

Here Are Some Tips To Help You Set Up Your Tornado Safety Plan:

  • Become familiar with your local area and how tornadoes affect it.  Are they more common in your area?
  • Make sure you have a safe structure to go into.  Some properties have storm shelters or safe rooms.  If you don't have one, you need to determine which room would be the safest.  Make sure the room does not have any windows and is not touching any exterior walls.  This could be a closet or a bathroom on the lowest floor of the home.
  • Make sure you are familiar with the local weather stations and know which station to have your radio set to so you can stay informed when the wifi goes out.
  • You should prepare a kit for after a tornado happens and your area is affected. (Water is or Electricity is off for a while.)
    • Gallons of water, non-perishable food.
    • Flashlight, batteries, radio.
    • First aid kit
    • Changes of clothes, preferably long sleeves and pants to keep the body covered. And blankets.
    • Whistle or airhorn to help notify people if you are trapped
    • Dust mask or protective gear.
    • As someone with little ones, having something to distract them is very helpful

Having these things set up in advance will help greatly.  Remember to practice your plan with your family so they know what to do when the sirens sound.  It never hurts to be over-prepared. 

What's Covered Under Commercial Property Insurance?

4/27/2021 (Permalink)

two air movers placed on the floor used to circulate air Air movers circulating air after fire damage in a building.

Key Facts About Commercial Property Insurance

As a business owner, you understand the importance of insurance for the success of your business. Having the correct type of commercial insurance, along with a sufficient amount of coverage, often makes the difference between whether a business recovers or folds after a disaster. A solid understanding of the various types of commercial policies can help you make sure you have the right coverage in place. Property insurance is one of the most common policy types for Oneta, OK, businesses. 

1. What Kinds of Property Does a Commercial Property Policy Protect?
Commercial property insurance is similar to homeowners insurance, but with policies specifically tailored to covering business needs. Most policies cover, at a minimum, the building where your business is located. Specific coverage inclusions vary, but your property insurance might also cover other property, such as:

  • Exterior buildings, fences, signs, and gates
  • Business equipment, including office equipment
  • Inventory
  • Documents and records

2. What Types of Damage Does Commercial Property Insurance Cover?
While commercial insurance coverage varies among insurers, most commercial property policies pay the cost to replace or repair covered property if the property is stolen or damaged due to theft, fire, and most natural disasters. For example, if your business building suffers fire damage, your commercial property insurance will ordinarily cover the cost of structural repairs, smoke damage remediation expenses, and the cost to replace covered property that was destroyed.

3. What’s Not Covered Under a Commercial Property Policy?
In general, if a piece of property or a type of damage can be covered under another type of insurance policy, it is usually excluded from coverage under your property insurance. A company car, for example, would typically not be covered because it can be covered under a commercial auto policy instead. Also, most commercial property policies specifically exclude damage caused by flooding.
Commercial property insurance coverage works in connection with other types of commercial insurance to help your business recover after a loss.

Cleaning Up the Mess After the Fire Trucks Leave

4/14/2021 (Permalink)

Bathroom destroyed by fire Fire damage in New Tulsa, OK.

Cleaning Up the Mess After the Fire Trucks Leave

The fire fighting process is seldom pretty. The fire department has a job to: put out the fire, rescue people and animals and limit property damage. Sometimes to do this the firefighters must bring down doors with axes, break windows and open holes in roofs. Then there is the damage caused by the fire itself. For these reasons, a board-up is often needed to secure your home from additional damage. In this precarious state, your home in  New Tulsa, OK, is vulnerable to storms, vandals and even wild animals.

A Job for Professionals
An emergency board-up is not a simple task. Your home after a fire is a notoriously unstable place. Climbing up on the roof with boards and nails is best left to a professional fire mitigation franchise. Not only can trained workers with the appropriate equipment do the job safely, but they can also make sure all gaps are closed. Once the home is secure, the mitigation crew will take the following steps:

  • Inspection and assessment of the property
  • Water removal and drying
  • Removal of soot and smoke damage
  • Cleaning and repair services
  • Restoration

A secure board-up allows workers to perform their tasks in safety. They often must contend with water damage as a result of the fire department using fire hoses to put out the blaze.

A Solution to Fire Damage
Both fire and fire fighting efforts can make a mess of your home at first. With the help of trained professionals, though, your home can be restored to its original condition. The goal of a SERVPRO company is to make the home look "Like it never even happened." This takes advanced cleaning methods and specialized equipment. Technicians employ a variety of cleaning techniques that eliminate smoke odors and clear away soot from all surfaces. A board-up is often the beginning of an important process to get your home back in shape.