Commercial Photo Gallery

dirt and water on tile floor in empty room

Supply Line Burst in Oneta, OK

A supply line burst inside a vacant office building, causing the vinyl tiles to swell due to the high moisture content. Our team was called out as soon as the loss was discovered, and we spent the next several hours removing damaged materials to prevent further water/mold issues. If you're experienced water damage in your commercial building, we're always here to help at (918) 250-2300.

Blue carpet in a room with fold out chairs.

Commercial Structure

At SERVPRO of Greater Broken Arrow, no loss is too small nor too large. That means no matter the size of your commercial or residential structure, we've got you covered - 24/7/365! Have Questions? Call Us Today: (918) 250-2300

Green wrap around the outside of a structure.

Eastland Baptist Church

One of our more recent projects at the Eastland Baptist Church. Team Drost is equipped with all restoration & reconstruction capabilities! Our team is a one stop shop for all things restoration. Contact SERVPRO of Greater Broken Arrow, today!  

Holes in the wall, but not for a gang

SERVPRO of Greater Broken Arrow tries to be as non-invasive as possible to help our customers get back to normal as quickly as possible. It is important to minimize life disruptions, but even more so in a work environment, since many families are affected.

In helping this business in Jenks recover from a recent water damage, the cove base was removed, and holes drilled in order to allow affected walls to dry from inside and out.

When the walls have become back to preloss moisture level, cove base will cover the holes and business will continue, having had minimal disruption.

Call us when disaster strikes. We are always ready to help!

Let the sun shine....

Who do you call when a water leak in the attic has saturated the insulation and ceiling so much that the heavy drywall and insulation falls and covers the floor in the tanning room of your salon?

The correct answer would be SERVPRO of Greater Broken Arrow. The team at SERVPRO is always ready to come when things cave in, when life gets messy, when the (artificial) sun won't shine.

The SERVPRO of Greater Broken Arrow team quickly cleaned up the salon, removed the soggy debris, carefully and efficiently dried the structure and contents. after repairing the leak and replacing ruined drywall, the salon was soon able to help folks feel beautiful.

Not from exhuberant mopping

Seeing a small amount of water on the floor is a normal situation in a commercial kitchen. However, water covering the entire floor of the facility is cause for alarm. SERVPRO of Greater Broken Arrow was on the scene in Owasso, OKlahoma quickly to extract standing water, and to begin the drying and remediation process.

Tulsa Restaurant Dry Again

In a restaurant, water is desirable for drinking and washing, not for walking upon. When this Tulsa restaurant unexpectedly experienced a water leak, They called SERVPRO of Greater Broken Arrow. The SERVPRO team quickly responded to begin to dry and mitigate as efficiently as possible so patrons could once again enjoy great food in a dry and safe environment.

Tulsa area spa soaked

When the manager of this spa arrived to open up, a water damage was discovered. Wood flooring had begun to show cupping. Once SERVPRO of Greater Broken Arrow was called, the team arrived quickly to remove standing water and to begin the drying and restoration process.

Ready for the unexpected

This is not a sand pit he is standing in. This particular business has a very unique flooring. Underneath the beautiful custom wood floor and supports was a layer of sand. In order to dry the floor where water had migrated, underneath the flooring, the SERVPRO of Greater Broken Arrow team got down to the nitty gritty. Many hands made short work so the floor was ready to dry quickly and the Tulsa area business was on the road to recovery soon. We are always ready to help!

Protecting Merchandise from Water Damage

A water heater malfunctioned in an adjoining business. As water crept under a shared wall, the valuable merchandise of this clothing store in the Tulsa area was at risk. The wise manager quickly called SERVPRO of Greater Broken Arrow to come right away to extract standing water and to set up equipment to dry the air, walls and flooring. With careful calculations and daily monitoring and adjusting, all the areas were reading dry and the store was able to continue "like it never even happened."