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How Do I Keep My Building Secure After a Fire?

10/2/2022 (Permalink)

Doors and windows of a building boarded up Board up building

How Can I Maintain Building Security Following a Fire?

When you're dealing with a fire, your primary concern is extinguishing the flames and helping those affected. Once the flames are under control and everyone is safe, it's time to address other issues: securing your property from looters or vandals and making sure that everything gets repaired quickly.

Secure The Building

If you've experienced a fire in your building, it's important to secure the building for the safety of those who will be entering and leaving. A damaged building is more likely to experience other issues like structural damage, water damage, and mold growth. These problems can lead to electrical issues as well.

To ensure that your property and employees are safe, follow these tips:

  • Keep entryways clear of debris so people can get through easily.
  • Board up the opening of the building and ensure the building cannot be entered by someone off the street.
  • Turn off electricity if necessary—and make sure that an electrician has been hired before turning it back on!

Keeping Looters Out

To keep looters out of your property, consider these options for boarding up the building until work can begin on repairs:

Cover Large Openings 

Cover large holes in walls with plywood or metal sheets and secure with screws or nails that are long enough to go into a stud. If your building has large holes in the walls, such as from broken windows or missing exterior siding, you will want to cover them with plywood or metal sheets as well.

Put Up a Perimeter 

Put up wire fencing around the perimeter of the property to deter intruders. If you have a fence around your property and it was damaged in the fire, you will need to replace it with a new one. The fence should be at least 6 feet high, made of strong materials that cannot easily be climbed over or cut through.

Install Security Cameras

Install security cameras that feed into a centralized system. Security cameras can be a deterrent to theft and vandalism. If you have security cameras in place, it's easier to identify the person or people who are responsible for the damage.

Neighborhood Watch

In an effort to make your property as secure as possible, we encourage you to encourage neighbors to report any suspicious activity at your property. By reporting suspicious activity, the police can better keep an eye on the surrounding area and take action against any illegal activity that may be occurring. Encourage the neighborhood residents to report anything they see by calling 911 immediately. If you see something suspicious, calling 911 is the best option. In addition to reporting suspicious activity, if you witness a crime in progress or see someone attempting to break into a building, also call 911 immediately.

One of the best things you can do to secure your building after a fire is to make sure that it's visible from the street. This will help deter criminals from attempting break-ins or other crimes.

Prevent Your Whole Roof From Blowing Away

7/14/2022 (Permalink)

Damaged roof When your shingles blow away, the layers of your roofing system can quickly become a risk.

Prevent Roof Damage

Act fast if you have a roof leak from windblown missing shingles. Roof problems are no joke, and even a tiny roof leak can expand a lot more quickly than you might expect.

Layers of Protection
When your shingles blow away, the layers of your roofing system can quickly become a risk rather than a protection. A damaged roof lets water in through the hole, potentially soaking into your lower layers. There are three main protective components in your roof:

  • Shingles
  • Underlayment
  • Water shield

You could see extensive damage if the shingles ripped these layers away. This is why you should call a storm repair company for an estimate and initial mitigation as soon as you notice a problem — even if you don't expect to do a full recovery job immediately.

How Roof Repair Starts
When it comes to a roof leak, initial mitigation steps often involve covering up the hole with impermeable materials. You're probably familiar with the sight of blue tarps on roofs in New Tulsa, OK, after a heavy storm. If you think they're the same tarps you find at the hardware store, you're not too far off the mark. However, good roof repair companies rarely use bargain-basement options, and there's a lot more work that goes into placing the roof coverings.

Making a New Roof
Applying tarps is similar to building a new roof, only it takes a tiny fraction of the time and effort. Additionally, the effects are usually only reliable for a few days. More specifically, members of repair crews have to consider all of the same drainage and coverage properties when building temporary covers as they would if they were constructing a new roof.

Apart from quick action and careful consideration of roofing principles, the initial steps to fixing a roof leak might involve using plywood sheeting or lumber frames. It all depends on your repair schedule, the weather and the company you choose to handle your recovery project.

5 Reasons Your Commercial Building Could Have Water Issues

6/9/2022 (Permalink)

Sprinkler System Any commercial building with a fire safety sprinkler system installed could face business loss due to gushing water.

5 Signs That Your Commercial Building Is Facing Water Issues

If your commercial building suddenly takes on water, it can likely be narrowed down to a few common causes. Here are five of the most common issues that can lead to water damage within your Oneta, OK, property. 

1. Leaking Pipes
If you notice water beginning to pool somewhere in your building, faulty pipes could be the root of the problem. This may be the result of damaged pipes that have deteriorated over time or perhaps poor insulation that caused a pipe break. Check your pipes' condition routinely to catch any potential issues and replace them if a leak occurs. 

2. Roof Leaks
A leaking roof is just as likely to happen as leaking pipes and requires immediate attention. General wear and tear as well as damaging weather could compromise your roof and make your building susceptible to rainwater seeping through the ceiling. If you notice leaks or water spots in your ceiling, contact a water damage restoration company to inspect for a roof leak and issue repairs. 

3. Sprinkler System
Any commercial building with a fire safety sprinkler system installed could face business loss due to gushing water. Whether flames set off the sprinklers or a major malfunction occurs, structural damage from the gallons of water these systems release is imminent.  

4. A Toilet Backup
Many face plumbing and water issues due to a backed-up toilet. If this occurs, use the shutoff valve below the tank to stop the flow of water and try plunging to clear a blockage. 

5. Foundation Issues
Cracking or shifting of a building's foundation can not only cause major structural damage but plumbing concerns as well. A professional assessment may be required if you experience sudden damage to your plumbing system.
Water within commercial buildings can be quite common and often occurs due to leaking pipes, compromised roofs, sprinkler systems, toilet overflow, and foundation issues. 

The Difference IICRC Certification Makes for Water Damage Pros

6/2/2022 (Permalink)

IICRC Institute.of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Whether your Broken Arrow, OK, property takes on water through a broken pipe or storm flooding, local water damage restoration professionals with IICR

IICRC Certification Makes a Difference for Water Damage Professionals

After experiencing a flooding event, the water clean up process requires care, patience and deep knowledge of proper methods. Trusting a crew to handle the restoration of your flooded commercial space is made easier when they are certified by the industry-leading IICRC. Here is a closer look at this firm and the difference it makes for water damage professionals. 

What Is the IICRC?

The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification, or IICRC, is a third-party organization that certifies technicians across the industry. They have dozens of certifications that are recognized, including:

  • Building Moisture Inspection
  • Health and Safety Technician
  • Water Damage Restoration Technician
  • Floor Care Technician
  • Odor Control Technician

How Can Certified Pros Help With Water Clean Up?

Whether your Broken Arrow, OK, property takes on water through a broken pipe or storm flooding, local water damage restoration professionals with IICRC certification can tackle any mess. Their training involves all facets of water damage remediation, including cleaning contaminated water, drying out structures, and understanding the overall effects of water within a building. 

Additionally, the IICRC's Commercial Drying Specialist certification is vital to the cleaning process. These technicians are well-versed in project management and understand the various techniques for eliminating moisture within a building. With a knowledgeable Commercial Drying Specialist working on the restoration, business owners can get their buildings back in operation sooner. 

Certified Experts Follow Top Standards
When you work with an IICRC-certified professional, you work with someone that abides by the industry's top standards. This leads to more efficient water cleaning processes and also reduces the overall time and money spent on a repair effort.

Crews handling water clean-up within your building should hold certification from the IICRC to ensure the most thorough and effective restoration methods are used. These experts follow the industry's highest standards to complete jobs skillfully while reducing costs and shortening a repair timeline. 

Tackling Secondary Damage After a Fire

5/4/2022 (Permalink)

Red Firetruck Details of the Side and of the 911 telephone Sign Firefighters will need to use a large amount of water to extinguish a raging fire, so water damage is unavoidable.

Managing Secondary Damage Following A Fire

Fire damage at your business in Broken Arrow, OK, may not be due solely to flames. As a fire quickly spreads through your space, firefighters will need to use large volumes of water to extinguish it. Therefore, water damage is an inevitable consequence of a fire that you must address.

How Can Water Cause Damage?

Firefighters rely upon various tools to quickly and thoroughly put out a fire and minimize its spread. A fire hose is especially helpful for dousing flames with water that will also soak everything in its path, including:

  • Rugs
  • Walls
  • Equipment
  • Furniture
  • Documents

After the flames are under control, you may need to address a water-soaked breeding ground for mold unless you take these steps:

  • Ensure Your Safe Entry: Before assessing the damage to your business, you need to take every precaution to ensure your safe re-entry. Fire damage can lead to poor air quality and structural problems; therefore, you must check with firefighters before returning.
  • Initiate Drying: Opening windows and doors can dry out the wet fire site. This step will minimize the mold-producing conditions of standing water, which take effect as quickly as 24 hours after firefighters activate a fire hose.
  • Contact Your Insurance Provider: Your insurer will help you pay for the damage and restoration due to the fire and water that extinguishes it. However, an adjuster will need to inspect your space before repair can proceed. Contacting your insurer and documenting the damage soon after returning to your business will increase the likelihood of a successful claim to cover a full range of expenses.
  • Work With Professional Services: Your insurer can recommend professional services employing knowledgeable restoration teams with the expertise necessary to clean and restore your space after fire-related water damage. These services also apply various techniques for removing microscopic mold spores that make the air unbreathable.

Fire damage at your business in Broken Arrow, OK, will likely continue after the flames are out, but knowing what steps to take immediately after the disaster will help to mitigate your losses. 

Under Construction: How To Prevent Water Damage

12/7/2021 (Permalink)

Water Damage Affects Drywall Preventing water damage at your construction site increases the chance that you may never have to worry about water pipe repair.

How To Prevent Water Damage While Building

A building doesn’t have to be fully constructed to have water damage. Construction projects are often delayed by water pipe repair and the subsequent damages a busted pipe causes. To keep your construction business in Broken Arrow, OK, as profitable as possible, you want to prevent the flooding you can and mitigate the rest quickly.

The Cost Of Damage

Any delay during a project can cost you money. When you have to stop construction because of a broken pipe, there are several expenses involved:

  • Extra labor needed to conduct the repair and rebuild the damaged area
  • Mitigation charges from professional water remediation services
  • Additional materials needed to rebuild the damaged section

Non-monetary costs of the delay may include damage to your reputation and potentially impatient client response. Your insurance may cover some of the financial burden, but repairing the relationship with your client is your responsibility alone.

The Prevention of Damage

Timely water pipe repair is a great solution, but it’s even better to avoid flooding in the first place. Before construction begins, create a plan for careful on-site water management. Institute a drainage system, and test pumps and plumbing before major work begins. During construction, it’s easy to let your plan fall to the wayside, so hire people to make sure your team follows the guidelines you set forth. They should monitor piping systems and help keep the air pressure in the pipes under control. Finally, keep water mitigation specialists on speed dial to ensure that, if there is a problem, you can get it resolved before a large area of your site is flooded.

Preventing water damage at your construction site increases the chance that you may never have to worry about water pipe repair. By keeping water sources closely monitored and structuring drainage systems wisely, you are more likely to stay on schedule, and that helps you please your client.

How To Prepare Your Company For A Storm

11/24/2021 (Permalink)

The pipelines in a building In an effort to prepare for potential storm damage, it is wise for a business to focus on plumbing and electricity.

How To Get Your Business Ready For A Storm

This time of year, a winter storm is imminent. While not every storm will cripple a business, it is still necessary to be prepared. Along with frigid temperatures and snow, winter can create problems with plumbing and operations. Therefore, it is essential to make a plan for the worst-case scenario.

1. Prepare Your Building

In an effort to prepare for potential storm damage, it is wise for a business to focus on plumbing and electricity. Outside plumbing should be shut off and cleared to prevent freezing and possible burst pipes. Additionally, it may be a good idea to secure a generator if your business does not already have one. If your company does have a generator, it is a good investment to have it serviced before the winter weather sets in.

2. Plan for Ice and Snow

Any winter storm is going to bring issues of snow and ice. Being prepared for this situation means having a plow service on contract and ensuring that all walkways and driveways are cleared and salted. It is vital to do everything in your power to ensure that customers do not get hurt on the way into your business.

3. Focus on Inventory

Also, as storms have the potential to cause significant business interruption as well as property damage, it is vital to take an accurate inventory of all your assets. This inventory will be used for insurance claims if property damage results in an inventory loss. You should move stock to a secure and climate-controlled area, photographing and documenting everything. This will help streamline the process if a claim is made.

4. Make a List of Contacts

While taking inventory is necessary, it is also crucial to make a list of emergency contacts. This list should include all personnel who are essential to your operations. Additionally, you should include a disaster restoration specialist in the Oneta, OK, area in case of an emergency.

Winter storm season can produce significant threats to business operations. Massive snowfalls and ice storms can wreak havoc on a business, so it is essential to have a plan like the one above.

4 Ways to Prepare for a Fire

10/11/2021 (Permalink)

Warehouse Fire Inside SERVPRO is always ready to help you with any fire damage on your commercial property.

Prepare For A Fire In 4 Easy Steps

No one expects a fire to envelop their commercial property in Oneta, OK. However, having a fire preparation plan in place can help you and your employees react smartly if a fire does happen. Here are four things you may want to do to prepare for a fiery disaster.

1. Create an Evacuation Plan: Everyone who spends time in a building should know how to get out in case of a fire. You may want to hold regular trainings to ensure everyone knows the best exit routes. You can also designate an area for people to evacuate to. This allows you to take a head count and make sure everyone made it out.

2. Have Inspections: If your building is up to code, you may be able to reduce the fire damage that takes place. You can have a professional come out and inspect your building. They can look at the sprinkler system and smoke alarms to ensure your safety devices are working.

3. Know Where to Turn: Part of fire preparation is knowing what you would do in the event of a fire. Flames can do serious damage to your building, so you need to know who you would call to fix up fire damage. Finding a reputable fire restoration team before a disaster is a great idea.

4. Prohibit Dangerous Activities: Some businesses may have a higher risk of fires, so disaster preparation is even more important. If employees smoke on the property, there is the potential of an improperly discarded cigarette starting a fire. As the building owner, you should ban dangerous activities that increase the chances of a fire.

Having a fire preparation plan can get you and your tenants ready for a disaster, but there still may be some challenges if a fire does ever break out. Remember, people react differently under stressful situations, so it's a good idea to make sure everyone knows what to do in the case of an emergency.

6 Cleaning Methods for Personal Belongings After a Fire

9/30/2021 (Permalink)

Warehouse Fire Inside As you try to clean up after a fire, you may need the help of SERVPRO to take care of your property and the content within.

After A Fire, There Are Six Different Ways To Clean Personal Belongings.

The flames of a fire can do a lot of damage to your commercial building in New Tulsa, OK. However, smoke can do just as much harm to your belongings. As you try to clean up after a fire, you may need the help of a commercial fire cleanup crew to take care of your property and the content within. Content cleaning can come in many forms, including the following:

  1. Ultrasonic: The combination of ultrasound and a cleaning solvent is used to agitate the surface and deep clean. This method is only appropriate for non-porous items as they will be immersed in the solution.
  2. Dry: Dry-cleaning can serve two purposes. Either it provides a light clean for objects that don't need much, or it serves as a pre-clean before another method. The dry-cleaning method is great for clothes and other objects that can't get too wet.
  3. Wet: This typical method uses water as the primary cleaning agent. In some cases, the professionals may include soap or other cleaners to help rid your belongings of residues.
  4. Foam: Upholstery fabrics often cannot be submerged in water, so a foam technique may be better. This method uses a foaming cleanser and a brush.
  5. Immersion: Sometimes content cleaning needs to get serious. For items severely damaged, an immersion into the cleaning solution may be necessary. These belongings may have to soak for a while for the best effect.
  6. Spray and Wipe: When items cannot be submerged or wet, a spray and wipe cleaning may be another option. This allows the professionals to use a light layer of cleaner that is wiped away almost immediately.

Content cleaning is a necessity after a fire. If you are thinking of doing content storage until your building is ready, you should still clean the items before putting them away. Waiting too long after a fire could make all of the cleaning methods, from dry-cleaning to immersion, unsuccessful.

Residential Sewage Backup Causes, Concerns and Cleanup

8/10/2021 (Permalink)

Overflowing broken toilet Many things can cause a sewer backup.

Sewage is an environmental hazard. You never want it to back up on your property or in your New Tulsa, OK, home. Nonetheless, this can happen. If it does, sewer cleanup is crucial to mitigate further danger.

Sewage Backup Causes

Many things can cause a sewer backup. The issue usually stems from the domestic wastewater sewer or septic system. For example, the system can do the following:

  • Clog
  • Be choked or damaged by tree roots
  • Suffer from old age

Once the system is compromised, you may face much more than a flooded toilet. The sewage may seep underneath your property and/or back up into the home. If the water is contaminated, the concern extends beyond property damage.

Water Contamination Types

There are three water contamination classifications: clean, gray and black. Clean water is not an environmental hazard. Gray water may contain bacteria and viruses but does not contain feces. Black water may contain chemicals, microbes and untreated sewage, including feces.

Sewage Clean Up and Disinfecting

If you suspect your home's sewage system is backing up, do the following:

  • Don't flush the toilets or run any water.
  • Don't use drain cleaners or other chemicals.
  • Stay away from affected areas.
  • Open windows to ventilate indoor issues.
  • Call for professional sewer cleanup help.

You may think this is a do-it-yourself job, but you should never risk exposure to gray or black water. The cause of the backup must be isolated for proper cleanup and repair. The professionals will determine the cause, such as a broken sewer line, so they can repair it first.

Once repaired, they will clean and disinfect everything from the top of your home down through its grounds. This includes ripping up and properly disposing of any damaged carpet, flooring and interior and exterior structural materials.

Sewer cleanup can be an intensive and dangerous process. Even though the backup is at your New Tulsa, OK, home, don't try this at home. This is a job for the experts.

Returning Mold Signifies a Recurring Problem

7/21/2021 (Permalink)

Black mold Mold is practically everywhere.

Returning Mold Indicates a Recurrent Issue

If you have recently cleaned off mold in an area of your Broken Arrow, OK, building and noticed that the organism later came back to the same spot, there is an underlying problem. Mold growth is likely thriving off water damage you may not notice or from not being thoroughly cleaned. With these four remedies, you can reduce the chance of mold coming back to that location.

1. Use a Special Mold Cleaner

Most industrial cleaners are not tailored for mold cleanup. Bleach can be used, but it may not be extensive enough. Special cleaners can be sprayed in an area without much risk of discoloring or damage to the building, unlike bleach. Coating an area in the cleaner kills the localized mold to stop it from reproducing and coming back to a certain spot.

2. Reduce Humidity in the Area

High humidity in an area can contribute to mold’s resurgence. It may be worth investing in a dehumidifier or adjusting the ventilation to make a less ideal environment for the mold to reproduce.

3. Treat Any Water Damage

On top of posing potential damage to your property, water damage can lead to mold repeatedly finding a home in an unnaturally wet spot. A water and mold damage treatment company can remove the mold’s desired moisture from the room to stop it from thriving. With the building sterilized and cleaned, the problematic mold growth should no longer have a survivable location.

4. Throw Out or Professionally Clean Any Potentially Infected Items

Some furniture and fabrics may serve as hosts for mold. Without extensive professional cleaning, these typically wooden items will spread spores that cause more mold infestation. If the items cannot be cleaned, they should be thrown out while being kept away from the building to prevent additional contamination.

More often than not when dealing with problematic spots, there is something in the area that continues to spread the mold growth. Identifying which it is and taking appropriate action will keep the repeatedly affected spot and the rest of your commercial property mold-free.

What's Covered Under Commercial Property Insurance?

4/27/2021 (Permalink)

two air movers placed on the floor used to circulate air Air movers circulating air after fire damage in a building.

Key Facts About Commercial Property Insurance

As a business owner, you understand the importance of insurance for the success of your business. Having the correct type of commercial insurance, along with a sufficient amount of coverage, often makes the difference between whether a business recovers or folds after a disaster. A solid understanding of the various types of commercial policies can help you make sure you have the right coverage in place. Property insurance is one of the most common policy types for Oneta, OK, businesses. 

1. What Kinds of Property Does a Commercial Property Policy Protect?
Commercial property insurance is similar to homeowners insurance, but with policies specifically tailored to covering business needs. Most policies cover, at a minimum, the building where your business is located. Specific coverage inclusions vary, but your property insurance might also cover other property, such as:

  • Exterior buildings, fences, signs, and gates
  • Business equipment, including office equipment
  • Inventory
  • Documents and records

2. What Types of Damage Does Commercial Property Insurance Cover?
While commercial insurance coverage varies among insurers, most commercial property policies pay the cost to replace or repair covered property if the property is stolen or damaged due to theft, fire, and most natural disasters. For example, if your business building suffers fire damage, your commercial property insurance will ordinarily cover the cost of structural repairs, smoke damage remediation expenses, and the cost to replace covered property that was destroyed.

3. What’s Not Covered Under a Commercial Property Policy?
In general, if a piece of property or a type of damage can be covered under another type of insurance policy, it is usually excluded from coverage under your property insurance. A company car, for example, would typically not be covered because it can be covered under a commercial auto policy instead. Also, most commercial property policies specifically exclude damage caused by flooding.
Commercial property insurance coverage works in connection with other types of commercial insurance to help your business recover after a loss.

5 Mold Risks For Buildings In Dry Climates

2/4/2021 (Permalink)

faucet with mold Mold grows in unvented bathrooms, around leaky pipes, and underneath sinks with damaged seals.

Five Sources Of Moisture That Can Sustain Mold Growth

Mold requires moisture for growth. A dry outdoor climate does not necessarily mean that mold is not likely to flourish indoors under certain conditions. Any of these five sources of moisture can sustain black mold growth within a structure in Oneta, OK.

1. Air Conditioning
When it is hot outside, a building air conditioner may run constantly. The cooling coil, condensate drain pan and insulation in an AC cabinet or ductwork may develop mold without regular maintenance.

2. Bathroom Mold
Commercial bathroom facilities are another common location for mold cleanup. Supply lines that can leak or burst or drain lines that back up raise mold risks in these areas. Buildings with showers in addition to toilets may be more prone to mold.

3. Blocked Drainage
Blocked drain lines can cause mold to form in and around bathrooms as well as on the lowest level of a building. Backed-up toilets, bathroom drains and basement floor drains are the main culprits inside, while poor rain and runoff drainage outdoors can also raise mold risks.

4. Plumbing Leaks
Black mold may be prone to grow anywhere moisture is readily available. A slow leak can keep materials wet long enough that this potentially toxigenic species or other types of mold form. Shut off the water supply as soon as you notice a leak and contact a plumber.

5. Constant Condensation
Condensation may build up in a structure due to the difference between indoor and outdoor temperatures. Droplets may also form around pipes, water-based appliances or structural features and necessitate extensive mold remediation.
Any of these factors can support the growth of mold in a building in Oneta, OK, such as black mold. It is important to have air conditioning and plumbing systems inspected on a regular basis and keep bathrooms and other areas clean and dry to prevent or control a mold problem.

3 Types of Damage to Expect After a Fire

1/6/2021 (Permalink)

A fire destroyed five stores Fire damage in Broken Arrow, OK

Types Of Damage That Might Occur In This Type Of Emergency

Experiencing a fire in your Broken Arrow, OK, building can be a stressful experience. Unfortunately, there may be even more damage than you would initially expect. Depending on the severity of the fire, you may need a variety of repairs, from water cleanup to rebuilding.

1. Fire Damage
Of course, the most obvious type of damage is caused by flames. This is primary fire damage and is generally the most destructive. It can completely burn up many types of materials and can result in missing walls, roofs, and flooring. It can also cause windows to break and shatter. Fire cleanup can be extensive and time-consuming.

2. Smoke Damage
One type of secondary damage that you may have is smoke and soot damage. Because it travels through the air, smoke often affects a wider area than the flames during a fire. It is important to do smoke cleanup as soon as possible because soot contains corrosive elements that can cause rust and deterioration. It can affect surfaces inside the building as well as furniture, electronics, and other items.

3. Water Damage
While you may not immediately think of water damage during a fire, it often occurs when a large blaze is involved. When firefighters use hoses to put out the flames, it can flood the building with water. This can sometimes cause additional damage such as mold growth and warping wood. Having water cleanup done quickly can limit the amount of secondary damage.
A fire can cause a lot of trouble for your business, particularly if there is a lot of damage to your building. It can take a significant amount of both time and money to return your building to a safe condition. Luckily, an emergency remediation service can be of help during this situation. They can perform smoke, fire and water cleanup and can also make repairs to the building and damaged belongings.

Identifying and Replacing Polybutylene Pipes

12/7/2020 (Permalink)

The plumber connects parts of the plastic water pipe using fittings, hands close-up. It is important to know if your building has poly-b pipes

Identifying and Replacing Polybutylene Pipes

Most business owners do not think about their plumbing until there is a problem with it. However, if your Broken Arrow, OK, commercial building has polybutylene, also known as poly-b, pipes, it may be in your best interest to identify and replace them before they burst.

It is important to know if your building has poly-b pipes because this type of piping is at higher risk of wearing out and bursting or leaking than other varieties. The following are some characteristics that can help you determine if you have poly-b pipes:

  • Gray, black or blue in color
  • Stamped with "PB2110"
  • Flexible
  • Installed between 1978 and 1995

If you suspect your building has polybutylene pipes, a professional plumber can let you know for sure. He or she can also advise you regarding the next steps to take.

In many cases, replacing poly-b pipes is the best strategy. The project time and cost vary based on the number of poly-b pipes and the material with which they are being replaced. Common materials for the new plumbing include PEX, CPVC and copper. Although replacement can be expensive and time-consuming, it is preferable to incurring severe water damage at your business. If that happens, you may lose valuable documents and expensive inventory. Although an experienced restoration service can help you get your business back to normal, you may lose income if you have to shut down for an extended period. If you choose to replace the pipes, though, you have control over when the work happens and can let your customers and employees know ahead of time.
Polybutylene pipes were a seemingly efficient and economical plumbing solution in the '70s, '80s and '90s. However, it turned out that the material is sensitive to water treatment chemicals, high temperatures and other common factors. Identifying and replacing these pipes can protect your business from a burst pipe and water damage.

A Commercial Sewage Damage Prevention Checklist

10/28/2020 (Permalink)

Plumber with a clipboard writing down Plan a plumbing inspection

Measures To Take To Avoid A Blocked Sewer

Sewer backups and blockages may seem inevitable at a building that has many occupants. In reality, there are several measures that property owners and managers can take to avoid a blocked sewer. Here is a checklist of three steps that can make sewer damage less likely at a commercial property in Tulsa, OK.

1. Plan a Plumbing Inspection
Commercial properties should undergo a plumbing inspection at least once a year. Having pipes and fixtures checked can identify issues that could end up causing pipe breaks, backups or other problems down the line. A licensed plumber can identify active leaks, indications of worn pipes or broken valves and potential water pressure problems.

2. Use Preventative Drain Treatments
An enzymatic drain cleaner may prevent clogs from forming in drains. These treatments do not damage sewer lines like the harsh formulas used to break down clogs that have already formed. These treatments introduce beneficial bacteria that feed on organic materials that could otherwise cause a blocked sewer.

3. Resolve Plumbing Problems
A structure that has frequent problems with toilet overflow or sewer backflow may require a plumbing upgrade. Consult with a plumber about solutions ranging from backwater prevention valves to sump pumps to keep minor problems from potentially becoming severe.
It may be necessary to replace or widen lines depending on the occupancy and use of a structure or pursue other preventative measures at considerable cost. This expense is probably more affordable than the cost of repeated sewer damage cleanup and restoration.
A backup can result in a toilet overflow or other issues that have the potential to cause costly damage at a building located in Tulsa, OK. Regular inspections, preventative treatments and timely maintenance can reduce the risk of major sewer damage. These measures are also more affordable than the costs associated with cleaning up damage caused by a blocked sewer.

Commercial Covid-19 Cleaning

8/10/2020 (Permalink)

Covid Our boys in their full PPE

The Covid-19 pandemic has thrown the world for a loop. It has caused companies to think on their feet and make accommodations to insure the safety of their employees.  In some cases many companies have had to become completely mobile allowing their employees to work from home.  But now with things starting to go back to normal, companies are needed to make sure that their offices stay clean and have protocols in place if Covid-19 is present in the building.

Here at SERVPRO of Greater Broken Arrow are trained to handle Covid-19 cleanings.  It is just preventive before the office opens back up.  Or if there is a confirmed case that has been in the building.  We can handle it all.

There are procedures set by the CDC that we follow to make sure that the affected areas are clean.  Here are some examples of cleaning: High touch level cleaning, enhanced cleaning, and fogging of antibacterial approved by the FDA.   High touch cleaning deals with areas that come into a lot of contact with people. This can be light switches, hand ralls, and door knobs.  Endached cleaning is the wiping down every surface that we can touch in the room.  And the use of the fogger is to kill airborne pathogens.

Workplace First Aid

5/13/2020 (Permalink)

As a company that deals with heavy equipment, demolition, and power tools we need to be ready in case one of our production members injures themself on a job.  It is important for all vehicles to have the appropriate first aid tools for any injury that could occur.  A wide range of accidents can happen while on the job.  For instance one of our production members was removing wood floor and missed the crowbar and wacked herself with the hammer and ended up having to go to the doctor. Had there not been the appropriate medical supplies in the vehicle she was in or even if there was none on the job, the arm could have swollen up quite a bit more than it did. There was gauze in the vehicle and an ice pack that helped keep the swelling down.

Examples of what should be in a first aid kit: 

  • Bandaids (for cuts or scratches)
  • Gauze and tape (for twisting)
  • Alcohol wipes (cleaning)
  • Self-Adhesive Medical Gauze
  • Medical Scissors
  • Tweezers
  •  Ice packs
  • Burn Cream
  • Contact List for Emergencies

Make sure that you have emergency contact information for all your employees and alert the proper authorities when an injury is too severe.

Seven Types of Sprinkler Systems

3/19/2020 (Permalink)

Sprinkler System Commercial Sprinkler System

Did you know that there are seven different types of sprinkler systems used in commercial buildings?  Or that heat causes a system to activate? Below are the seven systems and how they work.

Wet Pipe System

This is the most common sprinkler system in commercial buildings.  In this system water is continually moving through the pipes so that when the system is activated it is immediately released. 

Dry Pipe Systems 

This is the second most common sprinkler system.  This is used in buildings which do not have heat. It is set up this way so that water does not sit in the pipes and freeze when the cold weather comes in.  It would be counter intuitive. Air pressure is used instead of water. Once a sprinkler head is activated the air is released and water is moved through the pipes to be dispersed.

Deluge Systems

When this system is activated water is released from all sprinkler heads at the same time.  These are usually placed in areas where there are high risks of fire. 

Pre-action System

This system is placed where you don't want it to have an accidental activation.  This could be in museums or computer labs. There are also two types of pre-action systems, single interlocking and double interlocking.

Single interlockings design is similar to the dry pipe system.  However when activated is converted into a wet pipe system to help reduce the delay of the was being distributed.

Double interlocking is similar in design to the deluge system.  However this system has automatic sprinkler heads. You also need two detection systems to be activated. 

Foam Water Sprinkler System 

This system releases a mixture of water and foam when activated.  This would be best in a science lab that deals with flammable liquids.

Water Spray System

This is similar to the deluge system, however it is designed to protect a certain area or piece of equipment.

Water Mist System 

Is a system that used mist to cool and extinguish fires in older historic homes or office buildings.

When An Emergency Occurs

1/28/2020 (Permalink)

ERP folder Inside this folder is very helpful information!

Imagine this type of scenario: you are an owner of a small business with a few employees. One employee is opening the store alone and finds that the carpet is drenched with water coming from somewhere in the bathroom. Would said employee know what to do if they walked into this kind of situation? Do you have a plan for when something unexpected happens? 

SERVPRO of Greater Broken Arrow has the perfect tool for this situation: The Emergency Readiness Profile. This profile is a folder that holds information of where your buildings shut off valves are so you are able to turn off the water to keep further damage from happening.  Also the ERP provides pictures of the valves so any one will know what to do and look for. The ERP will list the contact information for all of the utilities. It has all the information for any of your preferred vendors. This being your plumber, electrician, or HVAC. It also provides information for the restoration company to know where to park and who makes the final decisions. 

Another plus to this profile is they fact that it can be converted into an app for easy accessibility. And, it is absolutely free to you. SERVPRO of Greater Broken Arrow is happy to perform this helpful service. Please give us a call!

You Can Count on Me

3/18/2019 (Permalink)

No waiting on line SERVPRO

Some of our valued customers have facilities in multiple locations. Several have encountered water emergencies recently in one building, then soon after one has been mitigated, dried and brought back to a preloss condition, another water issue has been discovered. 

It is good to realize that our customers know they can call us any time of day, any day of the year to report a problem, knowing that we will respond with minimal delay. The SERVPRO of Greater Broken Arrow team is prompt to remove standing water, extract water from the flooring or carpet, inspect and use industry standards to create a drying plan, then set equipment and monitoring to get the building back to its preloss conditon.

You can gain comfort in knowing any fire, smoke, water, vandalism, etc emergency affecting your business or commercial property will be conscientiously cared for by us.

Checking out this at the library...

11/26/2018 (Permalink)

Drying a Tulsa County Library Branch

What do you do if you are at the library in the middle of the day and you realize you are standing on soggy carpet? Looking around, you see that a lot of the carpet is wet... As you look for what might be causing this very unwanted phenomenon, you hear water running. So, you discover that the source is the hot water heater. You can turn off the water, so it will stop, but then what...? 

You call SERVPRO of Greater Broken Arrow, of course! The dedicated SERVPRO team members were able to be onsite within minutes to remove the water, test and evaluate the extent of the water intrusion, develop a plan and initiate the drying process. Fortunately, no books were harmed during this water damage. The library was able to continue to open its doors to patrons during its normal hours.

Give us a call when the unexpected happens. We are always ready to help!

The time when rain greets you at work

9/25/2018 (Permalink)

Soggy carpets, walls and ceilings are not pleasant.

It only takes a small opening, combined with rain, gravity and maybe some healthy Oklahoma wind, to allow water to find a path to your work space. Unless your work area happens to regularly be under water, you should deal with the situation promptly.

If your office has allowed SERVPRO of Greater Broken arrow to conduct a free Emergency Readiness Plan, you already know who to call and what to do in an unexpected emergency. In any case, you can call the SERVPRO of Greater Broken Arrow team to come quickly, assess the situation, mitigate the water and begin the drying process. The sooner mitigation begins, the less risk of collateral damage for you and your business, and the sooner you can get back to business as usual. Give us a call. We are always happy to help!

All in a day's work

8/18/2018 (Permalink)

Water in a medical center

As you commute to work, there is possibly a lot on your mind as you prepare your thoughts for the tasks and people you anticipate to encounter. Not many folks head to work expecting to find that water has invaded the floor. 

So, what are you to do if you arrive and find this very unwelcome intrusion? If you have had one of our team members come to your business to help you with a very helpful, free Emergency Readiness Plan, you know right away where your water turn off is, who to call (SERVPRO of Greater Broken Arrow, of course, and other professionals, i.e., plumber, building supervisor, etc. You will have information in hand to know what processes to follow and a plan of action. 

With an ERP from SERVPRO of Greater Broken Arrow, what could be a completely chaotic start of your work day, could be less intense, more hopeful and smooth than it wold be facing the disaster with no plan in hand.

We are always ready to help you plan, and come when the unexpected happens!

Small slab leak makes a Big impact

7/30/2018 (Permalink)

wall to wall water

Although Oklahoma's Green Country has not seen extremely hot and dry weather that we would normally associate with the area's heavy clay soil contracting, we seem to have been called to assist with an increased number of slab leaks this summer. Most of the slab leaks have been in homes, but a number of businesses have been affected by a water intrusion from their slab as well.

No slab leak is convenient or is a simple process to deal with. The disruption of this leak was lessened somewhat compared to what it could have been. When this business discovered standing water and called the team at SERVPRO of Greater Broken Arrow, they happened to be in between tenants. There were minimal contents affected. Once the water was extracted and the drying process of walls and floors begun, the leak was able to be detected and repaired.

Call SERVPRO, we are always ready to help!

Surf was really up!

6/22/2018 (Permalink)

Removing water in church flood

When this active church in Creek County held Vacation Bible School this summer, they really got into it!

The walls and rooms were creatively decorated with water scenes, sea creatures, beach settings, and surfing themed messages. On the last day of classes, the discovery was made that a toilet had malfunctioned, causing a flood of water to cascade into several rooms, creating a very realistic aquatic environment. Realizing that catching a wave inside the building was probably not a desirable activity for the children, staff wisely called SERVPRO of Greater Broken Arrow. The team came quickly to access the damage, extract the water, stage equipment, then return after VBS ended to place equipment and begin the drying process.

Whenever you discover an unexpected water feature in your home or business, know that you can call on SERVPRO of Greater Broken Arrow. We are ready for whatever happens and are always here to help!

Need to know what to do

3/15/2018 (Permalink)

Water heater line leak in Jenks business.

I have memories from childhood of having fire drills, tornado drills and even enemy attack drills (growing up in the 60's, that was part of our "this could happen" mentality). Today, we still have potential emergencies that could happen at any time. We don't need to live in fear or apprehension, but being ready for whatever happens gains confidence when facing the unexpected.

One of the beneficial services that the SERVPRO of Greater Broken Arrow team offers is preparing an Emergency Readiness Profile of your home or business. When an ERP is prepared, a SERVPRO of Greater Broken Arrow Team member visits your establishment and assists in helping you know what to do if facing an emergency. 

A bank in Jenks recently experienced a water heater line failure, affecting multiple floors. They knew to call SERVPRO of Greater Broken Arrow and the team responded quickly to assist the bank to get back to business as usual.

Call us today to schedule a free ERP to be a tool you can use when facing an emergency. It should give you a bit of peace of mind, having thought through the process.

Unexpected moisture

11/9/2017 (Permalink)

Condensation can cause a situation

Business seemed to be running smoothly. All seemed to be well. The HVC system was keeping everyone comfortable and did not seem to be doing anything to be concerned about. Then folks began to notice moisture on the drop ceiling tiles and drips onto the flooring below. An issue like this needed to be addressed before the office became at risk for mold growth.

Investigation of the roof shows no leaks there. Further detective work revealed a build up of condensation from the HVAC system and ducting above the drop ceiling.

SERVPRO of Greater Broken Arrow was able to remove the excessive moisture and affected materials. The HVAC system was adjusted to enable proper draining and ventilation. The business was able to continue without interruption. 

Call on us. We are always ready to help!

Unexpected water feature at work?

11/7/2017 (Permalink)

Water, water everywhere

Arriving at work to find water pouring onto the floor is not the best way to begin any work day. Folks at this Tulsa business found themselves in an extensive, unexpected water intrusion affecting much of their building. The SERVPRO of Greater Broken Arrow team was called and arrived on the job within minutes to assess the damage and to begin extracting the water. Once the standing water had been removed, members of the SERVPRO team began the process of setting up drying equipment according to the calculations specified by industry standards.

At SERVPRO of Greater Broken Arrow, we understand that any disruption to your life, whether involving our home or your business, can be a very stressful time; for a business, it can also be a very costly time. Our goal is to get your life back to normal as quickly and safely as possible, to get your life back to normal!

The Dr is in

10/6/2017 (Permalink)

Drying a Medical Office in Broken Arrow

Medical professionals care about their patients. It has been my experience that consistently, there is a steady stream of folks seeking out the care and skill of the doctor, dentist or other caregiver. When unexpected things happen to disrupt the normal routine of any medical professional, many lives are affected. 

When this Broken Arrow medical office experienced a water intrusion, SERVPRO of Greater Broken Arrow was quick to respond. The SERVPRO team extracted any standing water. Affected areas of the office were inspected and measured for calculations needed in order to make a wise drying plan. The SERVPRO team then set up drying equipment.

Since the water had wicked up the walls, the cove base was removed and holes drilled to allow airflow inside the wall cavity. This step sped up the drying process. Once the cove base is replaced, the holes will be covered up. Daily monitoring the drying progress and adjusting equipment will facilitate efficient drying.

We want lives and businesses go get back to normal as quickly as possible.

Business as Usual

8/22/2017 (Permalink)

Lonely desk, waiting...

Next to the family unit, and faith association, business is pretty much the foundation of our society. Without many businesses successfully operating, income does not happen, taxes are not paid, folks do receive paycheck, households are unable to pay bills or buy necessities. When a business experiences damage due to a water intrusion, storm, mold, smoke or fire damage, it can be quite serious. The effects of a business in a crisis are far reaching.

Properly dealing with the crisis as quickly as possible is vital for the business to be able to recover and continue. The team at SERVPRO of Greater Broken Arrow has training and experience to rapidly respond to your emergency. We stand ready to assist you whether your crisis is large or small. Please let us help you get back to business as usual!

Tornado Affected Businesses, Ready or Not

8/22/2017 (Permalink)

Ready for Emergency

In an article in the Tulsa World on August 20, attention was brought to remind business owners that having a well thought out plan in place in the event of a disaster is imperative for a business to maneuver through an unexpected disaster, like Tulsa experienced a few weeks ago. SERVPRO of Greater Broken Arrow enthusiastically agrees. A plan in of utmost importance!

The SERVPRO system has a very effective tool that has been designed for businesses to deploy when encountering a disaster. It is call the Emergency Ready Program. It is a proven service offered by each SERVPRO franchise as a way of helping businesses to be proactive and ready to act if an emergency arises. The ERP involves several conversations with a SERVPRO team member, and onsite visits to collect accurate information. Call SERVPRO of Broken Arrow. Let us help you be ready!

Not your usual dental equipment function

8/7/2017 (Permalink)

indoor lakes unwelcome

One of the fond memories of going to a dentist as a child was watching the cool swirly little water feature next to the reclining chair with the bright light overhead. I was fascinated with thinking about the endless water whirlpooling down to some unknown fairy cave or hidden lake. 

Recently, one of those lake makers decided to create a new body of water right there, close at hand. The dentist and staff were not pleased with the prospect of adding waders to their work wardrobe. They called on SERVPRO of Greater Broken Arrow to remove the lake and dry their office back to its normal, dry and clean condition.

The water once again supplies the mysterious cave or lake as it was designed to. 

Call on SERVPRO of Greater Broken Arrow when an unexpected water feature appears in your indoor environment. We are always ready to help!

Senior Living Center

8/7/2017 (Permalink)

Taking time to say, "Thank you!"

In a multi-family housing facility, often what affects one resident, affects others. At this senior living facility, a fire in one unit triggered the fire suppression system. Thankfully, that put out the fire and the resident was not injured. However, the water from the system affected the apartment along with several neighboring units and more units below where the fire was extinguished.

The SERVPRO of Greater Broken Arrow team was able to quickly remove the water, dry the structure, dry and move the belongings temporarily, then restore the residences and help the residents move back in their homes. Along the way, we were able to listen to life stories from an older and wise generation, laugh at their jokes, and make new friends.

Call on us, we are always ready to help!