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Watch out for Flying Turtles

9/8/2017 (Permalink)

You do not want to see a picture of the real thing!

Watch out for flying turtles! We are finishing a most unusual job for a customer. He came in with a turtle through the windshield of his pick up. The surprise had occurred a few days before he came to us, so the "aroma" was quite noticeable. He had not seen the turtle coming. No one else was on the road at the time. He had not gone under a tree or bridge. Since in reality, turtles do not fly, our best guess is that a bird of prey had lost its grasp on the poor critter as it was flying home with a meal. The poor critter did not survive. Our unique customer did, however and now his truck does not smell like a stagnant aquarium anymore. Please call on SERVPRO of Greater Broken Arrow. we are always ready to help, even in unusual circumstances!

Holiday cleaning time

11/11/2016 (Permalink)

Conscientiously Clean Carpet in Jenks, Oklahoma

The time for Fall family and friend gatherings are just around the corner. You may be planning for frenzied football fun, for tempting Thanksgiving feasts, or just quiet times of solitude. Part of the preparation for the Fall season is a clean home. 

Your carpets act as a filter. They do best if the daily tracked in soil is kept from sinking down deep into the fibers by regular vacuuming, and by periodic professional cleaning. SERVPRO of Greater Broken Arrow has several processes to get your carpets and tile clean and ready for any season.

On this website, you can find more helpful information about cleaning in general and how we can partner with you to care properly for your carpet, upholstery and hard surfaces. Feel free to check it out, and to call us. We are always ready to help!