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Checking out this at the library...

11/26/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Checking out this at the library... Drying a Tulsa County Library Branch

What do you do if you are at the library in the middle of the day and you realize you are standing on soggy carpet? Looking around, you see that a lot of the carpet is wet... As you look for what might be causing this very unwanted phenomenon, you hear water running. So, you discover that the source is the hot water heater. You can turn off the water, so it will stop, but then what...? 

You call SERVPRO of Greater Broken Arrow, of course! The dedicated SERVPRO team members were able to be onsite within minutes to remove the water, test and evaluate the extent of the water intrusion, develop a plan and initiate the drying process. Fortunately, no books were harmed during this water damage. The library was able to continue to open its doors to patrons during its normal hours.

Give us a call when the unexpected happens. We are always ready to help!

Hey children, what's that smell? Everybody look what's in our wall.

11/26/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Hey children, what's that smell? Everybody look what's in our wall. The sound of mold-covered wall coming down.

This title probably dates the era I grew up in and that is okay. What is not okay is to notice a musty odor in your home, or in this case, a commercial environment in Tulsa, and not investigate. By the time the occupants were able to secure someone to check out their suspicions, the damage from mold had become quite extensive. The source of the moisture was eliminated. The next step was dealing with a massive mold situation.

Knowing this was more than a single maintenance person could properly mitigate, they wisely, called in professionals, the SERVPRO of Greater Broken Arrow team. We were able to remove all affected non-salvageable materials and contents, clean and seal what was necessary, then scrub and dry the air. The building was then ready to be restored.

When the unexpected happens, call our SERVPRO team. We are ready for whatever happens.

Hole in the floor, gang.

11/26/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Hole in the floor, gang. Slab leak is no fun.

This home-owner was facing a mystery. Water was appearing in the carpet and pad covering the floor, but the water did not seem to be coming from any sink, toilet, tub, pipe, water heater, dishwasher, etc. After eliminating all other possibilities, the discovery was finally made of a slab leak. SERVPRO of Greater Broken Arrow was called and the team was onsite within minutes to extract water and evaluate how to best serve our customer. We were able to provide some humidity control until a plumber could find and repair the leak. 

After the leak was repaired, the drying process was able to be set up and executed. The process includes daily readings of the humidity level of the air and structure, making adjustments as the home becomes back to its preloss normal humidity.

Mystery solved. We hope you never get to join the hole in the floor gang. But, if you do, please call SERVPRO of Greater Broken Arrow. We are honored to serve our neighbors and community.

It only takes a spark...

11/26/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage It only takes a spark... Fire some how did not melt the tires.

Lessons to learn are always around us. We are never too old to learn. Even my 93 year old father is learning new ways to adapt to an ever-changing normal.

Recently, as in Thanksgiving Day, a rural family member was going to cut up some fire wood, and clear up the yard by burning some of the brush in the brush pile. He thought he had pretty much prepared for safety as usual as he lit the fire... But, it did not take long before he saw the fire was spreading a bit out the acceptable burning zone, and... yes, you guessed it. It quickly became more than he could contain. The fire department was called, and all ended well. The Mounds, OK fire chief was happy to impart some wisdom.

A few of the lessons learned: Go above and beyond implementing safety measures, i.e clear and saturate the surrounding ground; have a rake, filled pump sprayer and leaf blower available; have a buddy; be sure weather is appropriate; have water hose nearby...

Fire is nothing to be casual about. If your home or business become affected by smoke or fire, please let us assist you. We are always here to help.

When you life is disrupted by mold

9/25/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation When you life is disrupted by mold "...Life is 10% what happens to me and 90% of how I react to it. And so it is with you... we are in charge of our Attitudes." Chuck Swindoll

Our lives are frequently disrupted. Often we cannot undo the event, so our response to the disruption is the main thing we can control.

Some good advice is found in Success magazine (Fall 2018 Issue) called, The "Only Constant" written by speaker and author, Jim Rohn. Here is an excerpt:Speaker and author, Jim Rohn. Excerpts:

"In life, the winds of circumstances blow on us all in an unending flow that touches each of our lives. It’s one thing to create change, it’s another thing—often unavoidable—to have change foisted upon you when you don’t expect it.

We all experienced the blowing winds of change. Yet some of us still manage to reach our intended destinations. What guides us to different shores is determined by the way we have chosen to set our sails. The way that each of us thinks makes the major difference in where each of us arrives.

Unforeseen circumstances happen to us all. We have disappointments and challenges. We all have reversals and those moments when, in spite of our best plans and efforts, things just seem to fall apart. Challenging circumstances are not events reserved for the poor, the uneducated or the destitute. The rich and the poor have marital problems. The rich and the poor have the same challenges that can lead to financial ruin and personal despair. In the final analysis, it is not what happens that determines the quality of our lives, it is what we choose to do when we discover that the wind has changed directions.

When things change, we must change. We must struggle to our feet again and reset the sail to steer us toward the destination of our own deliberate choosing. The set of the sail—how we think and how we respond—has a far greater capacity to alter our lives than any challenges we face. How quickly and responsibly we react to adversity is far more important than the adversity itself. Once we discipline ourselves to understand this, we will finally and willingly conclude that the great challenge of life is to control the process of our thinking.

Learning to reset the sail with the changing winds rather than permitting ourselves to be blown in a direction you did not purposely choose requires the development of a whole new discipline. It involves going to work on establishing a powerful, personal philosophy that will help to influence in a positive way all that you do, think and decide."

When the wind has blown you into a mold, water, fire, etc. damage. Refrain from becoming anxious. And know that you are not alone. We can help you sail through this unplanned journey.

The time when rain greets you at work

9/25/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial The time when rain greets you at work Soggy carpets, walls and ceilings are not pleasant.

It only takes a small opening, combined with rain, gravity and maybe some healthy Oklahoma wind, to allow water to find a path to your work space. Unless your work area happens to regularly be under water, you should deal with the situation promptly.

If your office has allowed SERVPRO of Greater Broken arrow to conduct a free Emergency Readiness Plan, you already know who to call and what to do in an unexpected emergency. In any case, you can call the SERVPRO of Greater Broken Arrow team to come quickly, assess the situation, mitigate the water and begin the drying process. The sooner mitigation begins, the less risk of collateral damage for you and your business, and the sooner you can get back to business as usual. Give us a call. We are always happy to help!

Attic- placed HVAC malfunction brings the ceiling down

9/25/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Attic- placed HVAC malfunction brings the ceiling down Not a fun thing to face at home or at work

There is a trend to place in Oklahoma attics appliances, such as water heaters and heating and cooling systems. Most of the time, those placements are very helpful. The appliance is out of the way and in a central location to service the house.

However, when there happens to be a leak in the unit, in the pipes, or a clog in the drain, a problem can arise. The leak is usually not discovered until the insulation and ceiling below the leak have become saturated with water and the ceiling discoloration is observed.

I am not sure how to avoid these leaks. I suppose you could add inspecting the pipes and drain as a weekly chore, but that seems impractical. An option might be to use drain pans and shut offs with water detection sensor.

These leaks do not seem to happen often. I hope it never happens to you, but if one happens in your home or business, please give the team at SERVPRO of Greater Broken Arrow a call. We are trained and always ready to help!

Never too far away to help

9/17/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Never too far away to help Yep, he's wearing a wig, just trying to fit in with his girls...

One of the blessings of having a son in the military is him meeting his one and only while stationed at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. When his military contract was up, he enlisted in the Oklahoma National Guard and of course brought his beautiful wife and by then, precious baby daughter, to experience life in Green Country. Our daughter-in-law grew up in North Carolina. Generations of her large family remain there.

With her family in several cities directly in Hurricane Florence's path, she has been naturally concerned about their safety and well-being. She has kept in communication and they are thankfully all safe and well... Isolated, and perhaps inconvenienced due to flooding, minor storm damage and power outages, but gratefully unharmed. 

She was also able to direct them who to call if the storm caused damage to any of their homes - SERVPRO, of course. Even though she and my son are too far to assist them with their own hands, they have confidence that the SERVPRO franchises in their part of North Carolina will be able to care for her family as if they were their own.

Time to check your check list?

9/17/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Time to check your check list? When he visits, I want to be sure to keep this little guy safe...

It seems like just a short time ago, it was time to review our plan for fire safety within the home. But it is already a year later and time to check again!

Living with a disabled person, as many do, our family, and yours too, needs a plan for how to best get everybody out safely and quickly. We also have frequent little house guests. What is the plan if the grandchildren are over and the smoke alarm goes off in the middle of the night? Who grabs who? What about the pets? Where do we meet up and count noses? Who calls 911 for help?

Do you have enough smoke alarms? Do the smoke alarms all have working batteries? Are they current or is it time to replace them? Are the fire extinguishers expired or okay?

Are we overloading any outlets? Do we see any fire hazards to address? We hope you never experience a house fire. We hope we don't either. Sometimes the unexpected does happen. The best we can to is prepare to be safe and to be prepared.

If your home or business does experience smoke or fire damage. Please call on SERVPRO of Greater Broken Arrow. We are always ready to help.

Play it safe. 

All in a day's work

8/18/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial All in a day's work Water in a medical center

As you commute to work, there is possibly a lot on your mind as you prepare your thoughts for the tasks and people you anticipate to encounter. Not many folks head to work expecting to find that water has invaded the floor. 

So, what are you to do if you arrive and find this very unwelcome intrusion? If you have had one of our team members come to your business to help you with a very helpful, free Emergency Readiness Plan, you know right away where your water turn off is, who to call (SERVPRO of Greater Broken Arrow, of course, and other professionals, i.e., plumber, building supervisor, etc. You will have information in hand to know what processes to follow and a plan of action. 

With an ERP from SERVPRO of Greater Broken Arrow, what could be a completely chaotic start of your work day, could be less intense, more hopeful and smooth than it wold be facing the disaster with no plan in hand.

We are always ready to help you plan, and come when the unexpected happens!