Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

A bit of preparation now can save you later.

Every Spring, yes, E.v.e.r.y. Spring, we get the call from someone who has just come in from watering their yard or garden, or has just washed tools, or the car... READ MORE

The rain on Main came plainly to stain

Our roofs do battle for us every day and night. They are a great line of defense against heat, cold, wind, snow, hail, etc. That constant fighting against the v... READ MORE

When you lose your top

High winds, whether from a tornado or strong straight winds can loosen, weaken and even blow off a roof. Oklahoma has strong winds frequently, whether due to it... READ MORE

Storm Causes Roof Leak

Oklahoma storms can develop quickly and have the potential to cause unexpected damage to homes, businesses, property and lives of people and pets. A recent Okla... READ MORE

Through the roof

Sitting snugly in your home, safe from a raging storm outside often brings a sense of security and well-being. However, there are times when the storm makes it... READ MORE

Flood invades and disrupts a tranquil home

A recent storm dumped water that invaded this lovely South Tulsa home, disrupting the lives of the active family who reside there. Recovering from a flood invo... READ MORE