Recent Fire Damage Before & After Photos

A Little Goes a Long Way

A little can go a very long way. Smoke and soot can travel a surprisingly long distance. Walking outdoors, you can tell by the odor if a neighbor is grilling, ... READ MORE

Sometime building walls is good

This business in Tulsa experienced a fire recently. The fire affected a large area in one building. The fire was extinguished quickly, thankfully. As is often t... READ MORE

Removing damaged cabinets during fire restoration

Hopefully, you will never have the opportunity to personally experience a fire in your home or business. Fires can be quite frightening. Fires can get out of co... READ MORE

Even if actual fire does not enter

Smoke particles have a very intrusive quality. Smoke easily travels and be detected miles away from where the fire actually is burning, especially if the wind i... READ MORE

Way too close!

This Broken Arrow family and their home narrowly escaped lasting physical damage when the yard outside the fence caught fire. The fire quickly spread through th... READ MORE

Smoke gets in your carpet

Smoke infiltrates more extensively than you might think. Even a relatively minor smoke incident, like a fireplace puff back can affect an entire house. Sooty re... READ MORE