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Fire & Water - Cleanup & Restoration

Archived Before & After Photos

SERVPRO of Greater Broken Arrow vs mold in Wagoner

This is a very busy place in Wagoner, Oklahoma. Metal ceilings and painted concrete walls in this facility had gradually been affected by mold. Mold testing by... READ MORE

Roof leak damaged wall in Broken Arrow Business

It is good to receive rain. However, nobody wants to see rain make its way inside their home or business. SERVPRO of Greater Broken Arrow was able to dry the we... READ MORE

Wall containment

Upstairs water leak in retirement apartment complex

Hot Water Tank Failed in Tulsa, OK

Unfortunately, while the resident was away, the hot water tank failed. It was only a small leak, but when it was finally discovered, the water level was up to 1... READ MORE

When the ceiling falls

You do not expect a pipe in the attic to burst. You do not expect to come home to chaos. But when it happened in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, this wise homeowner imm... READ MORE

Smoke gets in your carpet

Smoke infiltrates more extensively than you might think. Even a relatively minor smoke incident, like a fireplace puff back can affect an entire house. Sooty re... READ MORE

Before Cleaning Carpet

We love to make carpets amazingly clean! Before cleaning, the SERVPRO of Greater Broken Arrow technician has communicated with the owner, inspected, vacuumed, s... READ MORE

Contamination from sewage back up

A sewage back up is never a welcome discovery in your home or business. This homeowner's residence experienced a sewage back up resulting in extensive contamina... READ MORE

Flood invades and disrupts a tranquil home

A recent storm dumped water that invaded this lovely South Tulsa home, disrupting the lives of the active family who reside there. Recovering from a flood invo... READ MORE

Water gone wild overnight

This business in Owasso, Oklahoma was inundated with water during the night. The sprinkler system had unexpectedly malfunctioned, creating a large volume of wat... READ MORE

Roof leak in a neighborhood pool house

A late Oklahoma Spring storm revealed a troublesome roof leak in a popular Tulsa neighborhood pool house. The mess inside the pool house created a challenge as ... READ MORE

Mold was growing between the walls in Broken Arrow

Mold sometimes occurs in places that are obscured from normal view. Condensation, a slow leak or any elevated humidity can create a damp environment, which is p... READ MORE

Suck it up

A water heater is supposed to sit quietly in its closet and just do its job, enabling you to wash, clean and bathe with an ample supply of warm or hot water. Mo... READ MORE

Apartments in Coweta affected by mold

Mold was discovered in an apartment that had been unoccupied for a number of weeks. The source of water was coming from a slow water leak in the apartment situa... READ MORE

Unwanted Mold

It is unwanted, unsightly, unpleasant, unhealthy, and understandably unnerving. Large amounts of mold inside your living space can unhinge you if you do not kn... READ MORE

Wood flooring warped by water

Water damage in your home or office can come from many sources, a frozen pipe, broken valve or hose in an ice maker, washing machine, dish washer, toilet supply... READ MORE

Didn't see it coming

A water leak can sometimes go undetected for a while, especially if the leak is slow and behind something solid, like a shower stall. Indication of a leak can ... READ MORE

Way too close!

This Broken Arrow family and their home narrowly escaped lasting physical damage when the yard outside the fence caught fire. The fire quickly spread through th... READ MORE

Through the roof

Sitting snugly in your home, safe from a raging storm outside often brings a sense of security and well-being. However, there are times when the storm makes it... READ MORE

Even if actual fire does not enter

Smoke particles have a very intrusive quality. Smoke easily travels and be detected miles away from where the fire actually is burning, especially if the wind i... READ MORE

Removing damaged cabinets during fire restoration

Hopefully, you will never have the opportunity to personally experience a fire in your home or business. Fires can be quite frightening. Fires can get out of co... READ MORE

Storm Causes Roof Leak

Oklahoma storms can develop quickly and have the potential to cause unexpected damage to homes, businesses, property and lives of people and pets. A recent Okla... READ MORE

When you lose your top

High winds, whether from a tornado or strong straight winds can loosen, weaken and even blow off a roof. Oklahoma has strong winds frequently, whether due to it... READ MORE

Now you see it...

This busy warehouse in the Tulsa metro area recently experienced an extreme amount of water that flooded much of the floor. The team at SERVPRO of Greater Broke... READ MORE

Sometime building walls is good

This business in Tulsa experienced a fire recently. The fire affected a large area in one building. The fire was extinguished quickly, thankfully. As is often t... READ MORE

Water can travel far

Water from a slow, undiscovered leak, or from a sudden gushing source can find its way to far areas in your home or business quickly. Often, when the water has ... READ MORE

The rain on Main came plainly to stain

Our roofs do battle for us every day and night. They are a great line of defense against heat, cold, wind, snow, hail, etc. That constant fighting against the v... READ MORE

Not a classroom experiment

Water intruding in your business is never a good thing. Water leaking for an undetermined amount of time while no one is around makes the situation much worse. ... READ MORE

A Little Goes a Long Way

A little can go a very long way. Smoke and soot can travel a surprisingly long distance. Walking outdoors, you can tell by the odor if a neighbor is grilling, ... READ MORE