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Through the roof

Sitting snugly in your home, safe from a raging storm outside often brings a sense of security and well-being. However, there are times when the storm makes &nb... READ MORE

Way too close!

This Broken Arrow family and their home narrowly escaped lasting physical damage when the yard outside the fence caught fire. The fire quickly spread through th... READ MORE

Didn't see it coming

A water leak can sometimes go undetected for a while, especially if the leak is slow and behind something solid, like a shower stall.  Indication of a leak... READ MORE

Wood flooring warped by water

Water damage in your home or office can come from many sources, a frozen pipe, broken valve or hose in an ice maker, washing machine, dish washer, toilet supply... READ MORE

Unwanted Mold

It is unwanted, unsightly, unpleasant, unhealthy, and understandably unnerving.  Large amounts of mold inside your living space can unhinge you if you do n... READ MORE

Apartments in Coweta affected by mold

Mold was discovered in an apartment that had been unoccupied for a number of weeks. The source of water was coming from a slow water leak in the apartment situa... READ MORE

Suck it up

A water heater is supposed to sit quietly in its closet and just do its job, enabling you to wash, clean and bathe with an ample supply of warm or hot water. Mo... READ MORE

Wall containment

Upstairs water leak in retirement apartment complex