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Not a classroom experiment

Water intruding in your business is never a good thing. Water leaking for an undetermined amount of time while no one is around makes the situation much worse.T... READ MORE

The rain on Main came plainly to stain

Our roofs do battle for us every day and night. They are a great line of defense against heat, cold, wind, snow, hail, etc. That constant fighting against ... READ MORE

Water can travel far

Water from a slow, undiscovered leak, or from a sudden gushing source can find its way to far areas in your home or business quickly. Often, when the water has ... READ MORE

Sometime building walls is good

This business in Tulsa experienced a fire recently. The fire affected a large area in one building. The fire was extinguished quickly, thankfully. As is often t... READ MORE

Now you see it...

This busy warehouse in the Tulsa metro area recently experienced an extreme amount of water that flooded much of the floor. The team at SERVPRO of Greater Broke... READ MORE

Through the roof

Sitting snugly in your home, safe from a raging storm outside often brings a sense of security and well-being. However, there are times when the storm makes &nb... READ MORE

Way too close!

This Broken Arrow family and their home narrowly escaped lasting physical damage when the yard outside the fence caught fire. The fire quickly spread through th... READ MORE

Wall containment

Upstairs water leak in retirement apartment complex